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RESCO is dynamically developing company, which meets the increasing requirements of investors in terms of quality, speed, long-term supply of services in supporting investment activities. Our experience in other European Union countries such as Germany and Poland, helped us create a unique and professional model of cooperation between our company and the investor.


RESCO integrates the feasibility of the project with the process of design, marketing, sales, PR, realization and its supervision. Complete Project Management of the investment becomes a strategy which enables us to meet the growing expectations of customers who value their time and professionally monitored a repayment of capital. The final product is our aim, and the satisfaction of the investor, our motivation.


RESCO aspires to the project management leader’s position in term of technical customer expectations on the Polish market. We achieve our goals and realize challenges through an integrated process management and strategic decision-making pace within RESCO. The result of such a strategy is to meet the expectations of our customers and guarantee satisfaction with investments managed by RESCO projects.


In recent years, economic development, and the entry of many neighboring countries to the European Union have lead to massive growth and lifted countries such as Poland to the position of one of the Leaders in the field of development of the real estate market, making it also a very attractive location for investment.


A huge demand for all kinds of real estate makes high rate of return on investment, the risk remains at an acceptable level.

Our basic strategies:

1. The use of competitive advantage, mainly based on local market knowledge and exceptional know-how of the company’s partners.
2. Focus on the fundamental directions-acquisition, planning, architecture, rental, construction and maintenance.
3. Maximalization the return of capital through the budget management (cash flow) of the project.
4. The financial discipline by conservative model capital flow management budget project.
5. Professional Project Management carried out by a team of experts.